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Everything About Heidi Klum’s Marriages, Love Life & Dating History


Heidi Klum has been in many romantic relationships in her life. She once said that she loves being in love. The famous model is probably telling the truth. After all, she has married three times and dated several well-known personalities.

Heidi is now happily married to the guitarist Tom Kaulitz. But you may want to know about her past relationships. We have detailed below all the romantic relationships that Heidi Klum underwent in her life. It will give you a fair history of her romantic life.


Heidi Klum relationships & marriages:-

1. Ric Pipino

Heidi Klum husband Ric Pipino

Heidi’s first husband was the hair stylist Ric Pipino. She was only 24 years old when she married him in 1997. Heidi had not yet established herself as one of the most successful models. In 1999, she wore the millennium bra at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The bra was worth $10 million, and wearing it at the fashion show made her famous. However, Heidi and Ric Pipino dissolved their marriage in 2002.


2. Flavio Briatore

Heidi Klum husband Flavio Briatore

Heidi entered into a romantic relationship with the billionaire Italian Formula 1 racing chief Flavio Briatore when her first marriage with Ric was ending. Flavio was also at the end of his relationship with the supermodel Naomi Campbell when he met Heidi. The couple had more than two decades of the age gap, but it did not seem to matter to either of them.
Heidi and Flavio revealed their relationship to the public in March 2003. Heidi became pregnant later that same year. However, the couple broke their relationship before the birth of their child. On May 4, 2004, Heidi gave birth to a girl. She named her daughter Helene “Leni” Boshoven Samuel. Later, Heidi’s next husband, Seal adopted Leni.


3. Seal

Heidi Klum husband Seal

Heidi and the singer Seal met for the first time in 2003. They were attending the GQ Awards show in London. Heidi was still in the early months of her pregnancy when she met Seal. That same month, she also participated in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and was able to hide her pregnancy.

However, Seal found out about Heidi’s pregnancy when they met again some few months later. They accidentally met in a hotel lobby in New York and noticed her baby bump. He and Heidi quickly became lovers. Seal attended the birth of Heidi’s daughter Leni and adopted her.

On May 10, 2005, Heidi and Seal tied knots on a Mexican Beach. The couple was blessed with three children from their marriage, Henry, Johann, and Lou. Heidi and Seal formed one of the most popular married couples in Hollywood. People started to think something was wrong between the two when Heidi appeared alone at the 2012 Golden Globe Awards.
A few weeks later, the couple revealed their plan to end their marriage. In 2014, Heidi and Seal split.


4. Vito Schnabel

Heidi Klum husband Vito Schnabel

After her divorce from Seal in 2014, Heidi started a romantic relationship with the New York art dealer Vito Schnabel. He is the son of the well-known painter Julian Schnabel. There was a 13-year age gap between Heidi and Vito. Vito was 13 years younger than Heidi.
In 2017, Heidi shared her thoughts about age differences in a romantic relationship during an interview with Closer. She said that the age gap does not interfere with her relationship with Vito because she has an amazing connection with him. She said she enjoys spending time with him, and they have lots of fun together.

Heidi and Vito had to break their relationship due to the physical distance. Heidi did not want to leave Los Angeles because her children went to school there. She was also reluctant to leave because she filmed America’s Got Talent in Los Angeles. On the other hand, Vito’s work as an art dealer demanded that he remain in New York City. In 2017, Heidi and Vito broke their relationship.


5. Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum husband Tom Kaulitz

In 2018, Heidi started dating Tom Kaulitz, a Tokio Hotel guitarist. This time, she began a romantic relationship with a man 17 years younger than herself. Heidi and Tom appeared together at the Cannes amfAR gala in May 2018. Two months earlier, people found the couple making out on the set of AGT.

In December 2018, Heidi announced the news of her engagement with Tom on her Instagram handle. She shared a picture of herself and Tom in which she appeared wearing an engagement ring. In February 2019, the couple married in secret. The couple later organized a big ceremony to celebrate their marriage. They celebrated the ceremony with their friends and families on a yacht.


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