Esports Betting in 2021 – A Year Of Growth


The esports scene has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last few years, and it soon became a large part of the betting industry. As we enter 2022, almost every bookmaker has already embraced esports betting, and it’s hard to find one that doesn’t offer esports betting odds.

A large part of why esports betting has become so popular is due to the large variety of esports titles you can bet on. From first-person shooter titles to MOBAS and even card games, the selection of betting markets grew so much that there is more esports betting odds available than NFL odds or even the NBA.

But while the addition of new esports titles was one of the main reasons why esports betting has been growing exponentially, more things contributed to it. And if 2021 was any indication, we can expect the esports betting scene to reach new heights in 2022.


New Markets Open

The esports betting scene is still relatively young, but that hasn’t stopped it from experiencing exponential growth in 2021. A lot of it came down to the opening of new markets, mainly in the United States, where many stated legalized esports betting, which was previously prohibited.

This effectively opened the doors for new people to start betting on esports, further boosting the already growing industry numbers. And yet, the U.S. does not have as widespread an approach for esports betting as Europe or Asia, suggesting that the United States will continue to stand at the front of the further growth of esports betting in 2022, as new markets open up.

However, it’s hard to tell how fast we expect new U.S. states to legalize sports betting. The U.S. betting laws are notoriously complex, and it often takes long before we see any meaningful changes.

Regardless, the increased popularity of betting on esports should make many lawmakers revisit the question of whether esports betting should become legal in its respective states.


New Esports Bookmakers

Not only has 2021 seen new markets open, but it has also welcomed new bookmakers open their doors to esports betting. Admittedly, plenty of bookies accepted esports bets in years prior, but many more joined in after realizing how big the industry has become.
Nowadays, it’s tough to find a bookie that doesn’t offer odds on esports. And it’s even tougher to find one that doesn’t cover at least one of the “big three” in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, and League of Legends.

With more and more money pouring into the esports betting industry, it’s only normal to see bookies take the opportunity and offer esports betting odds. And yet, we’re only at the beginning.

The esports scene features various esports titles of different genres and varying degrees of popularity. Although the bookies cover the most popular esports titles well, some smaller games have yet to receive the same love.

Regardless, that should change in the coming years. And as esports betting becomes more popular, we should slowly get to a point where the majority of the esports scene is integrated into the betting world.


More Esports Titles

Every year we see game developers produce a new product, and of late, more and more games have been made with a competitive scene in mind. And while very few games find their place in the esports world instantly, most that are made with the intention in mind find their place in the professional competitive scene with time.

2021 has seen a massive expansion to the number of esports games on offer. While some have been around for a while, it wasn’t until 2021 that they truly took off, emerged as one of the top esports titles, and caught bookmakers’ attention.

Some of the most notable esports titles that reached new heights in 2021 include Apex Legends, Valorant, KOG, PUBG, Wild Rift, and Halo.

Halo experienced the most impressive growth of the six, which isn’t as surprising for a well-known franchise. Regardless, it’s hard not to feel excited about the fact that Halo: Infinite had created a competitive scene just a month after its release.

Meanwhile, the mobile games in KOG, PUBG, and Wild Rift opened a whole new world of esports betting. Admittedly, mobile esports is still in very early stages, but that hasn’t stopped bookies from offering betting odds on it, mainly due to their extreme popularity in the Eastern World.


What Will 2022 Bring?

All in all, the addition of new esports titles and the increase in popularity of esports across the globe were two of the major factors that helped the esports betting industry grow in 2021.

And with more games set to release in 2022, in addition to the introduction of tournaments and leagues, next year will likely turn out to be the biggest and most impactful one for the esports industry, and ultimately esports betting.

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