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How To Remove Eyelash Extension


Being a woman, everyone loves to do makeup and when it comes to attending a party or any special occasion, we all love dressing up in the best way possible. 

Well, nowadays, the fashion of eyelash extension is booming up so here are few basic steps we suggest you, when it comes to, how you can easily remove eyelash extension being at home or at a night stay as well so that it doesn’t irritate you the very next morning.

Well before that, you might have noticed that sometimes the false eyelashes literally falls out so the best solution to avoid such a problem is dissolve your eyelashes with olive oil as it will not only protect the area around your eyes but even sustain your false eyelashes. Moreover, few people are not blessed with the bigger eyelashes so the best way or you can say the best solution will be to wear eyelash extension because they look beautiful and your eyes naturally look bigger.


Coming back to the main point, you might be wondering how to remove the eyelash extension?

Well, it’s not a major task but here are few basic steps as to how can remove them without any difficulty moreover it’s really important to remove them as to not affect your eyes because if they are kept for days so obviously it can make the situation worse and can affect your eyes badly. 

Few basic steps as to how you can remove the eyelash extension:

  • For instance, if you are wearing any makeup use a good quality makeup remover so that your skin doesn’t get affected but can be saved from the chemicals used. As you all know, whatever makeup products we use, though they make us look pretty it’s always advisable to remove it before you sleep so kindly wash it with a help of a good face wash and clean your face properly with a fresh towel.
  • After removing the makeup, fill a big bowl with hot water and cover your face with a towel in the sense you need to place your face inside the bowl for 10-15 minutes so that it releases the glue and your extension can come out without any irritation. Moreover, it’s important for the pores of your skin to open up because even your skin needs the correct nourishment.
  • The third step is to dip a cotton pad in olive oil and gently swipe around the eyelash area so that it comes out without any pain caused and you will not affect that sensitive part of the eye as well. Don’t force it too hard or else, it can be really harmful and worst.
  • Once the extension slides off, you can moisturize your face and sleep off without any difficulty.

Well, you must be wondering, it’s such a simple thing to do but the major thing is to remember that doing everything considering your skin requires a lot of patience and caution because at the end it’s your skin so it’s on you how careful and protective are you with your own skin. For example, it’s very important to take care of our health, likewise, it’s very important to take good care of our skin as well. We all have different type of skin so accordingly it’s very important to know what’s right and what’s not.


Another important thing to remember is never ever plucked out the false eyelashes because you’ll actually harm your eyes but be really patient when it comes to eyelashes. Adding to this, when it comes to eyelashes, it’s important to take a good care of your eyes in the sense try not to wet your eyelashes or whenever you go to sleep, try not to sleep backward or else your eyes will make you feel irritated and that’s when the situation can go bad to worst.

Moreover, it is recommended not to use a curler on your eyelashes moreover it is advisable not to apply mascara but if it’s really needed or you think, you need to apply something so you can use an oil-free mascara.

Well, if you remember all these points, it’s our guarantee that whenever you put on your false eyelash extension, it won’t only look beautiful but it will surely suit you and it won’t be awkward as well in the sense people won’t be able to figure out the difference between your real eyelash and the false eyelash. So the next time you are ready to wear the eyelash extension, kindly remember all these points when it comes to removing it as well. 

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