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10 Must-Have Accessories for Modern Women


Deciding on a look can sometimes be a tough call, especially when it comes to selecting your accessories. The simple fact that there are so many accessories to select from can leave you feeling overwhelmed. On top of that, you also have to make sure that the ones you pick should complement your outfit. No wonder women need a little extra time when dressing up for any occasion!

But will it not help if you have a stock of accessories that can elevate your style statement in a jiffy? Yes, certain versatile accessories can uplift your getup magically whenever you reach out for them. Interested to know more about them? Let us take a look at ten accessories that are a must-have for every modern woman’s wardrobe.


Diamond Earrings

A diamond earring can do a lot more than complete your look. A stylish pair is all that you need to flaunt a distinct style statement! No matter the occasion, you can depend on a classy diamond earring to make you stand out from the crowd. For the same reason, this accessory has made a place for itself in the jewellery box of every fashionista.


Leather Handbag

Nothing can beat the appeal of a high-quality leather handbag. It is one of those key accessories that can help you express your personality effortlessly. Whether you want to add a pop of colour to your casual ensemble or shine in a formal look, a leather handbag can be a great way to draw attention to your impeccable style.


Stylish Heels

Heels can be the absolute game-changers when it comes to styling up. This accessory can add that extra bit of oomph to your getup. Just invest in pairs that are not just stylish but comfy as well, and you will be ready to take the world in your stride!


Statement Necklace

A statement necklace can elevate the most basic outfit. When you wear a statement necklace, you don’t need to put on any other jewellery. If you want to wear earrings, it’s a good idea to keep them low-profile. A simple pair of studs will suffice.


Silk Scarves

Silk scarves signify timeless elegance. Putting on a silk scarf is the easiest way to liven up any plain outfit. You can flaunt this accessory in various ways, right from styling around your neck to adorning your handbag. You can team up the scarf with a variety of outfits.



Many women tend to believe that hats are an accessory that looks best on handsome men. But the fact is that hats are as much a woman’s accessory as they are a man’s accessory. You can look fabulously chic in a hat. This whimsical accessory can also save you on a bad hair day and protect you from the UV rays of the sun. Do we say more in its favour?


Trendy Sunglasses

A pair of designer sunglasses is another great accessory that can elevate up your getup and draw all eyes towards you. There is no denying that sunglasses have shifting trends, but investing in a couple of classic designs can do the trick for you. Always ensure that your sunglasses complement your face shape. Also, invest in good pairs so that they can protect your eyes apart from enhancing your style.


A belt can add personality to your outfit on any day. Apart from making your ensemble look smart, a belt can create an illusion of a thinner waistline as well. While belts always go well with denim pants and skirts, you can also use them to highlight your fashion when wearing a dress, sleeveless jacket, tunic, blazer, and more.


Fashionable Watch

A watch is a perfect accessory to team up with any outfit. They are great to go with your formal, casual, or laid-back fashion looks. All you need to do is pair up your outfit with the right timepiece, and you can be ready to head out in style. When selecting a watch dial, you can play it safe by opting for feminine dials or go bold with a massive manly dial. If men can carry mens earring with so much confidence, what is stopping you from doing the same with your watch?


Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can redefine your crowning glory. Whether it is the hairbands, silk scarves, oversized scrunchies, studded hair pins, clips, hair slides, or even barrettes, quirky hair accessories can lend your hair an instant makeover. They can even revitalize your day-old hair and make you look glorious. So, do not shy away from experimenting with them.



Regardless of what accessory you decide to flaunt, always remember that the ultimate one is your confidence. Flaunt your confidence with a bright smile, and you are set to rule the world!

Trisha Oberoi
Trisha Oberoi
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