Statue of Unity: 12 Interesting Facts About World Tallest Statue of Sardar Patel

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The tallest statue (Statue of Unity) in the world has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31st October 2018 at river island called Sadhu Bet near Rajpipla, Gujarat, India. It is a tribute to the man who united India, Sardar Patel.”

8. Cost of maintaining this statue and operation is also high which is around 43.8 crore per annum.


9. There will also be a “laser, light and sound show on the efforts of Unification of India


10. Gallery of this statue can accommodate maximum of 200 visitors at one time.


11. To help visitors, the government is also building a 3.5km highway from Kevadia town to reach Statue of Unity.

sardar patel statue of unity

12. There is a special area is allocated on gallery for selfie lovers, where you can take beautiful selfies.

sardar patel statue of unity

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