TechnologyLooking For the Best Batteries for Your Inverters? Look...

Looking For the Best Batteries for Your Inverters? Look No Further


Inverters are electrical devices that convert direct current to alternating current in the opposite direction of a regular converter. Inverters come in various capacities, and they always require a rechargeable battery to store power and use it during power outages. So, it is beneficial to get an inverter and battery combo pack.


The price of the best battery for an inverter might be a little high if you purchase it from a reputed manufacturer, but it will be worth it. 


Still think you should try a cheaper version? Let’s have a look at some disadvantages of buying a non-branded inverter battery:

  • Non-branded batteries can fail at any time, even if they are still under warranty.
  • Non-branded batteries may provide inverters with low or excessive voltage, causing your UPS system to fail.
  • The battery plates will most likely be of poor quality.
  • Low-cost batteries will not provide adequate backup during a power outage. The battery’s AH rating could be fake.


The performance of an inverter is improved by its battery and extends its life. Hence, the battery is one of the most important components of an inverter. Therefore, you must focus on selecting the best battery for inverter based on its compatibility with your inverter. 


Let’s have a look at some of the best batteries for inverter:

1. Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000

luminous_Gel Battery - IGSTJ18000

  • Voltage: 12V
  • Warranty – 48* Months
  • Latest Gel technology
  • Gel guarantees up to 20% more power
  • Backup time (400W)*: 3 hours
  • Maintenance-free
  • Requires no water top-up
  • Zero spillage risk
  • Environment friendly (emits no fumes)
  • Consistent power back up and longer life


2. Battery 120 Ah – RC15000

Luminous-Battery 120 Ah - RC15000


Battery – RC 15000

  • 120 Ah capacity, 12V
  • 36* Month Warranty
  • Tubular Technology battery – Robust Tubular plates
  • Suitable for areas with long power cuts
  • Value for money, longer life and less maintenance
  • High Durability with sealed plastic housing.


3. Battery 150 Ah – IL18030FP

luminous-inverter-Battery 150 Ah - IL18030FP


These flat plate batteries are the best batteries for inverter for places with frequent and shorter power outages. It has a durable design, excellent charging acceptance, reduced water loss, and enhanced longevity (Thick Plate construction with specific paste formulation). In addition, the battery has more plates, which means it has a larger surface area, which means it can produce more power. 


Tips On How to Make Your Batteries Last Longer

Apart from extending your battery backup time, you should also take good care of your batteries to ensure that they last as long as possible. Here are some pointers:

  • To prevent dust and rusting of the terminals, use rubber battery terminal protectors.
  • To prevent heat from damaging the batteries, make sure your inverter setup is in a well-ventilated area.
  • Overcharging and deep discharging should be avoided (using the battery till empty). Instead, choose an inverter that will automatically protect your batteries from these hazards.
  • Avoid leaving the battery unused for an extended period without charging or discharging it.


Buy the best batteries for inverters from reputed brands. Luminous offers three types of batteries – Gel-based, Tubular and Flat Plate batteries. A Gel inverter battery for a house has no risk of spilling. You won’t have to worry about it because it doesn’t need to be topped up or maintained. The brand offers a line of gel batteries that provide 20% more power and remain consistent throughout their service life. The best battery for inverter for home usage is a maintenance-free GEL battery with constant output and longer life.

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