How To Know Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

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Let’s be honest girls, none of us wish to date a guy who’d be dishonest and disloyal, but mostly all the times, we’re so blinded by their apparent ”love” that we miss out on hints and incidences that could tell us a new story, altogether. Men will be men, as it is very wisely said and a lot of them do have a shady lying face. But girls, I’m here to your rescue, and if you start following these 15 tricks, you’d be good to go! You’d never have to cry again ever, over a cheating boyfriend in your life. Read these today and start using them in your daily life. After all, the sooner, the better.

Needless to say, there are some really tall, dark and handsome guys waiting for you out there, to sweep you off your feet. Let’s find out what kind of guys should you skip while you’re out there looking for your next date.


#1 Guys with their age ending with the digit 9

Beware, if you are going to date a man who’s about to turn 19 or 29 because this is the age when they are about to end their running decade and want to make most of that one last year before entering a new series.


#2 Tall boys tend to cheat more

A study from IllicitEncounters which is a renowned extra-marital dating site says, those guys with a height of 5’10” or above cheat more on their partners.


#3 Dudes who love rock n roll music

Another test from the same site encounters that 41% cheaters are rock music lovers. So if he listens to the rock songs composed by Greenday, Coldplay, Beatles, Metallica and all of those, you can count it as a sign.


#4 Guys who work in an IT firm

Stop letting those hipster glasses guys cheat on you. Not to generalize, but, these guys can move on quite easily because of the options that they have.


#5 French guys are the biggest cheaters

According to LELO that happens to be a luxury adult toy brand, a survey about bedroom habits was done and 75% of French men admitted to cheating on their partners.


#6 Boys using Twitter

Research conducted by the University of Missouri reveals that boys who tweet, cheat more.


#7 Guys named Wayne

A study found that the men who are called Wayne will probably cheat. (That’s weird!)
I hope Lil Wayne and Wayne Rooney do not read this!


#8 Guys who are manipulative from nature

Does he manipulate you and tries to utilize you in the best possible way? Then, it’s the high time; you might want to break-up.

#9 Guys who love to flirt with other girls

If your boyfriend loves to flirt with other girls without any regret, then you’re probably dating the wrong guy.


#10 Secretive kinda guys can be cheaters

If your simple message of ‘what’s up?’ has a response that translates into ‘mind your business!’, then that is something to worry about.


#11 He takes his phone even to the bathroom with him

He just doesn’t leave his phone anywhere! Even takes it to the freaking bathroom.


#12 Too many gifts!

All of a sudden he has started showering you with gifts. Things you don’t even need, have filled your room and closet. So chances are that he is hiding something and is just making up for it.


#13 The intimacy fades

He stops initiating sexy moves and is too busy for intimate times.


#14 Never has time to meet you

But always has endless excuses, like he’s “not sure when he’ll be off work” or it’s “just him a few guys hanging out.”

#15 Are you his back-up?

His attention towards you has reduced noticeably, and now he gives you just enough attention to keep you around but not enough to take your relationship forward.


#16 He is not ready to commit

He can’t commit to you or to your future plans together, even what you’ll be doing on a Saturday seems to be a tough nut.


#17 He comes up on your friend’s Tinder

Just while casually swiping through her Tinder, one of your friends’ discovered your boyfriend’s profile and sent a screenshot to you. Shattered? Don’t be! Confront him.